Safer Internet Day  2021


Our Safer Internet Day today has been all about an internet we can trust, especially important at the moment as we all use technology more than ever to stay in touch and work. The Hedgehog class have been thinking about the different ways we use technology and even designing their own games to show how the internet can be a wonderful place to entertain us!


In Key Stage 1 we have been looking at the story of 'Detective Digiduck' and ways we can use technology safely and sensibly to stay safe online. Badger Class have made some lovely Digiducks of their own! In Squirrel Class they were using the important safety tips of Wise Owl to research woodland animals online following his tips.


For Key Stage 2 the Deer and Owl Classes have been becoming detectives for themselves to compete in a challenge to tick off 9 online tasks safely thinking about how we use the internet both for fun and for important work. We have completed games of 'trust it or check it' and 'spot the advert' to look at how we have to be extra careful when using the internet for a wide range of purposes and to use our top tips of checking information multiple times, being able to spot what an advert looks like and getting to know reliable ways to search online


We hope you enjoy our photographs!

Safer internet day